I agree with Josh Isenberg and Justin Labar from Chair Shot Reality 100%.

Their shows are on http://www.wrestlezone.com

I also mentioned it on episode 25 when I broke down CM Punk situation, I would have walked up to my boss and said “I am not happy with my situation”. I also would have given the professional courtesy of at least giving some weeks notice and at least finish out at either Elimination Chamber or WM30.

I also agree with Josh Isenberg that he is not a bigger star than Brock or Rock.

Other wrestlers would have done anything to be in his spot. He is a big star but not on their level. Brock is a former UFC Heavyweight Champion and The Rock is a Forbes top paid actor. He should have been able to get sponsors though.

In the end as I mentioned on Episode 28 earlier, Vince and Punk should talk it out with no cameras rolling.

That’s all