I just watched pieces of the UFC181 post fight press conference and Johnny Hendricks said that he thought he won the fight.

There were some things that he should have done in the octagon that he got caught up in the moment and did not get a chance to do.

Both men tried to stand up he said but the fight was left to the judges.
Johnny also said that Robbie did a great job in rounds 4-5.

The trilogy question was asked and he said that it is not up to him but up to UFC to decide.

The fight in my opinion is too close to call. If I was Dana White and UFC, I would schedule the 3rd encounter because the first two fights were so close.

The winner of this fight has to fight Rory MacDonald. I know initially I said the winner of this fight should fight MacDonald. After watching the fight,
I changed my mind.

Great fights last night and thank you for the support.