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Jericho podcast

Because I was unable to live recap tonight, this is sourced from another site:


We’re live on the WWE Network with Chris Jericho and WWE United States Champion John Cena, who has a shiner from his match with Stardust. Jericho brings up the “five moves of doom” jab and say Cena broke out some new moves in his match on RAW. They joke that they’re not sure if they can call his springboard backwards stunner a “Stunner.” Jericho asks about Cena being US Champion and not being in the main event. Cena says he never got wrapped up in being in the main event so it doesn’t bother him. He talks about being able to help guys like Dean Ambrose and Cody Rhodes with the United States Title by letting them get some time and putting their “business card” out there.

Jericho jokes and asks what would Cena…

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