The World According to ZAH

Tonight’s the “go home” show for this weekend’s Elimination Chamber PPV. How will WWE promote this last-second make-shift event? Let’s find out!!

RAW_1148_Photo_005-1536998331The Authority came out and said that even though Dean Ambrose forced them to grant a WWE World title match, Seth Rollins isn’t threatened and wants to face him. They call out Ambrose to sign a contract inside of the ring. Ambrose was given the opportunity to deliver a promo and delivered. Rollins was then given the same opportunity and he delivered, as well. At this point, they’ve really done a kick-ass job of setting up this title match.

RAW_1148_Photo_018-1010234951Dean made his way down to the ring but the Authority held him at bay. The gimmick of the situation was that they were preventing Ambrose from signing the contract. Then Roman Reigns came down to help out his friend and former Shield partner. Instead of a fight…

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