Mind Of Carnage

Transcripts Sources from WrestleZone.com 

Owner of Global Force Wrestling Jeff Jarrett recently spoke with 107.5 FM in Las Vegas to discuss his TNA return and GFW. 

How his TNA return happened:

“Last Wednesday I was in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. On Tuesday night I threw out the first pitch and kicked off the promotion for our Grand Slam tour event. I was sitting at the airport and I got a text from TNA management and they said hey, would you get on a conference call with us today?

We’ve got a proposal for you. I actually didn’t respond because my life has been consumed professionally by Global Force Wrestling. As I took the plane back home, I got to thinking: What do they want? They know where my head’s at, they know where my heart’s at. Do they want to do a talent exchange, which has obviously been discussed multiple times over the last couple…

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