Choked Out Radio Episode 81 (MMA)

“Choked Out Radio Episode 81 (MMA)” from Jairo Borja by Choked Out Radio. Released: 2015. Track 81. Genre: Other.


One thought on “Choked Out Radio Episode 81 (MMA)

  1. At 14’11” you made a comment that Beth Correia doesn’t set up and can eat up counter strikes. Let us review
    1. Coming from Chute Boxe, Correia is a very aggressive fighter. Like Cyborg Santos she’s willing to take a few but dish out plenty, and she follows the punches in bunches philosophy to the max.
    2. Rousey uses some boxing strikes, but her real bread and butter is the arm bar.
    Rousey acknowledges that her style if fighting is counter reactive to her opponents. They attack or try a submission and she counters and finishes.
    Rousey is about to face what seems to be a pit bull. A truly aggressive striker with submission understanding to get out of holds/bars. Pretty much the best test she has for a pre-Santos fight


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